Quran Translation



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  • Class Type 1 on 1
  • Duration 30 mins
  • Skill level Basic+
  • Language English
  • Age Atleast 5 Years
Learning Outcomes
  • You will learn recognition of Arabic letters in different shapes and sounds.
  • You will learn Makharij of the Arabic Alphabets.
  • You will learn basic rules of Tajwid.
  • You will learn how to read Quran with proper pronunciation.
  • You will learn basic Islamic knowledge.


  • In this course the students are taught the Urdu translation of the Quran.
  • They will understand basic Arabic and its meanings.
  • They will understand instructions given to the mankind by Allah.
  • Harakaat (Movements).
  • They will learn real purpose of their lives through interpretation.
  • After going through this course, students become able to understand the real meaning of verses of Quran.